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Seize the opportunity to grow your basketball experience and contribute to the sport you love by contacting us today, and embark on a rewarding journey as a Scoretable or Statistician official, where you’ll play a pivotal role in the heart of the game and in our association!
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A Basketball Statistician plays a pivotal role in assessing the performance of players and teams through detailed statistical analysis. There are generally 4 roles.

1 – Game Caller: One statistician provides a live commentary of every significant event in the game that requires statistical recording.

2 – Game Recorder: Another team member is responsible for entering these statistics in real-time, ensuring they align with the caller’s observations.

3 – Backup Recorder: To ensure data reliability, there’s also a backup statistician who inputs game data on an alternate computer, safeguarding against any technical glitches with the primary system.

4 – Observer: The final member of the statistics crew acts as a vigilant observer, assisting the game caller by pointing out any potentially missed statistical occurrences.

Scoretable Official

The scoretable comprises various critical roles, including the chairperson, scorer, assistant scorer, timekeeper, and 24-second shot clock operator. Each of these positions carries unique duties, yet they collectively contribute to the essential functioning of the game.

Typically, scoretable officials are enthusiastic fans who relish participating at a community level, offering their support to both the sport and the teams they serve.

Embarking on a journey to become a scoretable official presents a straightforward and enjoyable opportunity to deepen your understanding of basketball, regardless of your existing knowledge level, and to play an integral role in the games you cherish.