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36th Annual General Meeting Summary

The Sutherland District Basketball Association has conducted the 36th Annual General Meeting for the Association and would like to provide members and wider community the following summary of events.

The 36th AGM called for 3 volunteer board positions each being provided a two-year term. We are proud to announce the return of Loretta Passerini to the SDBA board for a further term (2 years) and welcome new board members Tim Cavanagh and Vanessa Hutchinson, both who join the board for their first term.

The Sutherland Basketball Association would like to acknowledge and thank the outgoing board members Rhett McGillicuddy and John Sheehy. Rhett has worked tirelessly with the Association to conduct the recent bathroom and stadium renovations as well as currently actively coaching within our representative program. We thank Rhett for his time and dedication to the club. SDBA would also like to thank John Sheehy who has served on the SDBA board for 2 terms (4 years) and was instrumental in the initiation of the NBL1 program to Sutherland Basketball and is a proud championship winner as an assistant coach to our Men’s NBL1 program in 2023.

The AGM has also seen the internal positions on the board change, with long standing President Warren Phillip-Clark stepping down from the role due to  ongoing work commitments. Warren, an important figure head for SDBA has piloted the club through the Covid 19 pandemic, seen the initiation of the NBL1 program, is an active referee within the SDBA and Menai community and has seen the club through to its current state of membership growth. Warren will continue on the SDBA board for the final year of his term in 24/25 as a committee member.

The Sutherland Basketball Association would like to welcome new SDBA President Tim Cavanagh. Tim is a well-known individual within the SDBA community. He has extensive experience in basketball and the Media and Communications industry. Tim, the current CEO of his own company TJC Media, brings extensive corporate, fundraising and government stakeholder management experience.

The Treasurer position will now be held by Glenn Gooding who actively coaches within our representative program and has extensive knowledge of facilities and facility operations management.

We would like to welcome all our board members and thank them for their time and dedication to the club.


  • President: Tim Cavanagh
  • Treasurer: Glenn Gooding
  • Committee Member: Warren Phillip Clark
  • Committee Member: Loretta Passerini
  • Committee Member: Vanessa Hutchinson
  • Committee Member: Mark Phillips
  • Committee Member: Brad Garland

For any media enquiries regarding the 36th AGM can be directed to General Manager Adrian Dark adriand@sutherlandbasketball.net.au

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SDBA Strategic Plan2024-02-25T23:27:03+11:00

CLICK HERE to view the Sutherland District Basketball Associations Strategic Plan 2020 to 2023

SDBA Financial Statement2024-06-19T19:00:13+10:00

CLICK HERE to view Financial Statements for year ending December 2023

How to become a voting member2024-02-27T17:05:26+11:00

All current registered association members are entitled to vote in person 

As per the Constitution 

34. VOTING (1) On any question arising at a general meeting of the Association a member has one vote only. (2) All votes must be given personally. (3) In the case of equality of votes on a question at a general meeting, the vote is lost. (4) A member is not entitled to vote at any general meeting of the Association unless all money due and payable by the member to the Association has been paid. (5) A life member will have one vote.

If you would like to become a voting member (non-player), you must 

(1) Sign up for an account via: sutherlandbasketball.com.au/members/member#

(2) Email competitions@sutherlandbasketball.net.au to advise that you would like to register as a voting member

(3) You will receive an invoice of $20. This must be paid in full before being eligible to vote

Note: Registration is renewable yearly

How to become a Life Member2024-05-13T11:15:13+10:00

Election of Life Members:

Life members may be elected at each annual general meeting of the Association on the following basis:

(a) Life membership is restricted to those who have contributed to the control, promotion, integration, or fostering of participation and development of basketball by their participation in activities of Sutherland District Basketball Association Incorporated for a total period of ten (10) years and who are nominated by a member for election at an annual general meeting of the Association;

(b) Names of the nominees for life membership shall be submitted to the Association Manager at least twenty one (21) days prior to the annual general meeting at which such nominees are to be proposed as life members;

(c) Nominees for election as life members to be elected must obtain the votes of at least three-fourths of those members attending and eligible to vote at the annual general meeting;

(d) Not more than two life members shall be elected at any one annual general meeting;

(e) A history of the service of each nominee for election as a life member shall accompany the application/s;

(f) Life members will be awarded a badge of a design to be approved; and

(g) Life members will be entitled to attend and to vote at all general meetings of the Association.

Reference: page 8: SDBA Constitution



Note: 2024 Life Member Nominations must be received by 5pm on Monday 3rd June 2024

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If you have any further queries feel free to email Adrian Dark (Association Manager) via adriand@sutherlandbasketball.net.au

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