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Rep Ready2024-07-05T08:25:41+10:00
Program Overview: Rep Ready2024-07-05T00:23:58+10:00

The Sharks Rep Ready Program is a 7-week training course designed for children interested in playing representative basketball with the Sharks. Participants will train with qualified, high-level coaches to develop the skills and fundamentals needed for representative-level play. This program is an excellent opportunity for young athletes aspiring to join the Sharks representative teams to elevate their basketball skills and prepare for the upcoming trials.

Cost of Program2024-07-05T08:40:52+10:00

$125 for 7 weeks

Active kids vouchers are not accepted.

I have a question2024-07-05T08:40:04+10:00

If you have any further queries feel free to email Joanne Trevethan via participation@sutherlandbasketball.net.au

Session Times and Locations2024-07-16T16:11:09+10:00

Sign up to Rep Ready now2024-07-05T08:38:51+10:00

CLICK HERE to sign up for Rep Ready

What do i bring2024-07-05T08:37:54+10:00
  • Basketball (name clearly marked)
  • Drink Bottle (name clearly marked)
  • Comfortable training clothes eg: basketball singlet, shorts and joggers
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