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Junior Girls Development League2024-02-14T19:52:11+11:00
Girls Junior Development League: Program Overview2024-02-14T20:01:35+11:00

Our program aims to foster a love for basketball among junior (yrs 3 & 4) primary girls, promoting inclusivity and skill development in a supportive environment. Designed exclusively for beginners, with a focus on fun and fundamentals, this league offers a perfect entry point for girls eager to explore basketball. 

Cost of Program2024-02-14T19:19:22+11:00

$150 per player for 10 week competition

This includes annual registration, insurance, game fees and provision of  a coach

The 10 week competition commences on the 1st May 2024


Session Times & Locations2024-02-14T19:55:30+11:00

How do I register?2024-02-19T14:48:53+11:00

Grab your friends and create your own team. If you are looking for additional players reach out for assistance. 

Age Group: Years 3 and 4

Players: Minimum of 6

Level: Beginners or girls with limited experience. Contact us if you are not sure. 

Uniform: Design your own numbered jersey (google custom basketball uniforms for a variety of suppliers), wear your school sports uniform or a matching T-shirt. Numbered bibs are available if needed. 

** Coaches supplied

** Competition commences Wednesday 1st May 2024

Email to Register: To receive a team registration sheet please email Joanne Trevethan at participation@sutherlandbasketball.net.au or please email the name of the player or individuals looking for a team.

I have a question2024-02-14T19:49:25+11:00

If you have any further queries feel free to email Joanne Trevethan via participation@sutherlandbasketball.net.au

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