It’s time to dive deep into the world of Representative and High-Performance Programs (HPP) at Sutherland with Patrick Williamson, our High Performance and Coaching Manager.

Pat’s goal within the Representative Program is to consistently teach players how to compete and build competitive stamina. He aims to have players who are relentless throughout the game, eager to defend and play for their teammates. Pat states: “As it currently stands, we have many teams showing success in their divisions, which is fantastic and it’s a testament to the hard work athletes have been doing in our representative and high-performance programs for that success”.

The Sutherland High-Performance Program has successfully entered its second year of programming. Participation has surged by 20 athletes to have 118 athletes within the program, and we’ve welcomed new coaches to our expanding teams. This exciting growth marks a bold step forward in our mission to elevate young talent!

In Term 2 of 2024, SDBA proudly launched the electrifying Sharks Academy, a program for selected individuals who have displayed high levels of athleticism or skill for their age. The age groups that we have prioritised for the Sharks Academy are 7-9 years &  10-12 years with an intake of 30 athletes into the first term of the program. The overwhelming excitement following trials confirmed a surging demand for top-tier basketball training in our youth system. We are thrilled to maintain this momentum, nurturing future stars in our stadium.

In 2024, SDBA embarked on a mission to provide resources and opportunities for coaches to further their learning and sharpen their skills. Our coaches are provided with various articles and clinics to push learning further and challenge their way of teaching. SDBA seeks to further educate through Domestic Coach Education, Coach Accreditation, and the Sharks Emerging Coaches Program.

For the remainder of 2024, the High-Performance unit has lots to look forward to, including:

· A large number of our teams participating in the June long weekend tournaments in Melbourne

· Finals in MJL and JPL Representative Basketball

· HPP moving to twice-per-week training sessions

· Hosting further seminars and coaching clinics for domestic and representative coaches

· Creating an open-door environment that encourages growth, learning and sharing

It’s been a big first half of 2024 with success both on and off the court, Pat and his team of dedicated coaches continue to build the pathway to success for our junior athletes and we look forward to another exciting 6 months of Basketball in 2024

Written by Lara Sullivan