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Sharks Policies and Procedures2024-04-22T17:56:13+10:00
Child Safe Policy2024-04-15T16:56:44+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view the SDBA Child Safe Policy 2023

Child Safe Reporting Policy2024-04-15T16:55:53+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view the SDBA Child Safe Reporting Policy 2023

Code of Conduct2024-04-15T16:54:59+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view the Coaches and Officials – Code of Conduct

➡️ CLICK HERE to view the Players – Code of Conduct

➡️ CLICK HERE to view the Spectators – Code of Conduct

Conditions of Entry2024-04-15T16:53:35+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view our Conditions of Entry

Competition Handbook2024-04-15T17:05:46+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view our Local Competition Handbook Winter 2024

Disciplinary Tribunals By-Laws2024-04-15T17:09:13+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view the Basketball NSW Disciplinary Tribunals By-Laws

First Aid Policy2024-04-15T17:11:27+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view SDBA’s First Aid Policy

Giveaways and Prizes2024-04-15T17:13:14+10:00

Policy Coming Soon

Glory League Privacy Policy2024-04-15T17:16:45+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view the Glory League Privacy Policy 2023

Hot Weather Policy2024-04-16T14:06:07+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view the Hot Weather Policy

Individual Coaching & Info2024-04-16T14:04:57+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view SDBA’s Individual Coaching and Information Policy

Member Protection Policy2024-04-15T17:56:50+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view the Member Protection Policy

**The Board of SDBA has adopted the Basketball Australia Member Protection Policy (MPP) By-Laws as adopted by Basketball NSW

The Member Protection Officer for the Sutherland District Basketball Association is Terry Johnston

For any matter where a member believes Member Protection issues have been raised contact Terry on

Phone: 0404048709

Email terryjjohnston@yahoo.com.au


Privacy Policy2024-04-15T18:01:12+10:00

Coming Soon

Refund Policy2024-04-16T13:53:32+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view the Refund Policy

Smoke Free Policy2024-04-16T13:55:43+10:00

Coming Soon

Social Media Policy2024-04-16T13:57:20+10:00

Coming Soon

Work Health and Safety Policy2024-04-16T14:09:07+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view our Work Health and Safety Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy2024-04-16T14:03:55+10:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to view our Zero Tolerance Policy

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