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Walking Basketball2023-09-29T12:54:25+10:00
What is Walking Basketball2023-09-29T11:17:27+10:00

Walking Basketball is for anyone, and everyone!

Walking Basketball was introduced as a means to provide an alternative program that allowed adults & seniors to play basketball as a form of gentle exercise. It allows people to stay involved in the sport they may have been apart of for some time, or to try a new sport altogether, and learn new skills.

Not only does it allow participants to be physically active, but also reduces social isolation and increases community inclusion. Participants of Walking Basketball can also participate in a fun, safe environment while maintaining their zest for life and confidence in their abilities.

The only rules to the game is simply, no running!

Who can participate2023-09-29T11:19:55+10:00

All abilities and ages are welcome. Beginners right through to seasoned ballers!!

Walking Basketball is a fun, safe and social way to get your exercise in. Grab your friends and come join the fun!

Cost of Program2023-09-29T11:22:43+10:00

The Walking Basketball Program is FREE

I have a question2023-09-29T11:28:05+10:00

If you have any further queries feel free to email Joanne Trevethan via participation@sutherlandbasketball.net.au

Session Times & Locations2024-01-15T14:41:12+11:00

Sign up to Walking Basketball2023-12-01T15:17:13+11:00

➡️CLICK HERE to sign up for Walking Basketball

Watch Promo2023-09-29T12:56:22+10:00
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