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Junior Competitions2024-03-05T08:51:24+11:00

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Our junior competitions are age-governed. Ages are based on the year of birth, not the age a child turns during the competition

Our 2024 programs are as follows:

U9 – Born 2016/17

U11 – Born 2014/15

U12 – Born 2013/14

U13 – Born 2011

U14 – Born 2011/12

U16 – Born 2009/10

U18 – Born 2007/08


Winter Competition – Runs Term 2 & 3

Summer Competition – Runs Term 4 & 1


  • Games are usually played between the following time slots | 4pm, 450pm, 540pm, 630pm and 720pm
  • Game times will vary from competition to competition depending on the number of teams in each
  • You should expect that you will play at a different time each week   
  • Mini Ball and U13 Mixed are played on a Saturday from 1030am


  • As basketball is a team sport it is an expectation that you will be committed to your team for the duration of the competition
  • A player has to have played 66% of competition games in his team to be eligible to play in the final series


  • Please ensure that registration fees and competition fees are paid on time. Notify the team contact or SDBA if your child is sick or away (eg: school excursion or family holiday) and cannot play a particular game /games
Senior Competitions2024-03-05T16:20:26+11:00

CLICK HERE to nominate a team

CLICK HERE to register as a new player

For more information on our senior competitions please contact our Competitions Coordinator Michael Bills at competitions@sutherlandbasketball.net.au

Want to Play? Submit your expression of interest2024-03-05T16:40:33+11:00

CLICK HERE to submit an expression of interest for our next competition

How do I nominate a team2024-03-05T23:25:57+11:00


  1. A team manager will log into their online account https://sutherlandbasketball.com.au/members/member#/login
  2. Click on Team Nominations on the dashboard.
  3. Copy the existing team across to the new winter competition if they are the same,  OR you can add/delete players to the team. 
  4. Complete the remaining prompts.
  5. Enter payment details for the $50.00 team nomination fee. Note: Super League Nomination Fee is $500. For more information on this competition go to https://sutherlandbasketball.com.au/herbs-of-gold-super-league


To ensure you can add new players to your team a new player must first create a Sutherland Basketball Account: https://sutherlandbasketball.com.au/members/member#/register

Competition Dates2024-05-27T10:49:10+10:00

Winter Competition (Junior & Senior) runs April to September

Summer Competition (Junior & Senior) runs October to April

Note: Walking Basketball & Mini Ball run each term

Competition Fees and Player Registration2024-03-05T12:09:16+11:00

Fees include team nominations, competition fees, and a yearly registration fee


This is a one-off fee per team to secure your spot in the competition. Please note nomination fees are non-refundable

Junior Competition Senior Competition Herbs of Gold Super League
$50 $50 $500


Competition game fees are per team, excluding mini-ball which is per player. All competition fees are payable by week 6. Each designated team manager will be provided with the competition invoice. Players are responsible for paying their portion online via the members portal. Game Fees exclude semi-finals. A one-off fee of $80 per team applies for semi-finals. Grand Finals do not incur a cost

Mini Ball (U9 and U11) Junior Competition Senior Competition Super League

$120 existing players

$140 new players

$1450 $1750 $1750

Note: Game fees are not inclusive of the team nomination fee. No over-the-counter game fees can be accepted.  Active Kids vouchers can be used for competition fees


Note: Club team players will be charged a club fee by their respective clubs (eg: Jannali, Bosco)


Registration is for 12 months and covers membership and insurance costs. All players must be registered before playing their first game. Registration is paid online via the members portal. Each player is responsible for being aware of their registration status. If you require any assistance please see the front desk.

CLICK HERE to pay your registration

U8 years 8-11 years 12-17 years 18 years +
$20 $90 $135 $155

Note: Active Kids vouchers can be used for registration fees. All NEW players to mini-ball (u9 to U11) will be charged a $20 registration fee. In subsequent years they will be charged the applicable age fee







Competition Handbook2024-06-05T17:33:31+10:00

The competition handbook has been produced by the SDBA to ensure that all participants have access to the rules and conditions under which our competitions are conducted.

CLICK HERE to download the 2023/24 Winter Competitions Handbook. 

Policies and Procedures2024-03-05T16:07:29+11:00

CLICK HERE to view SDBA policies and procedures documents

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