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Future Sharks2023-12-04T08:20:17+11:00
Future Sharks: Program Overview2023-12-04T08:47:50+11:00

Aimed at children 7 to 9 years. Learn fundamental skills in a fun, active, and safe environment. Experienced coaches utilise their knowledge to enhance players’ game techniques and understanding of basketball. The program provides an introduction to high baskets, covers the rules of the game, and emphasizes the importance of developing correct fundamental techniques. The “Sutherland 6” skills, which include passing, shooting, dribbling, decision making, defence and footwork, are introduced to players. Through this program aims to improve their overall performance on the court

Cost of Program2023-12-04T08:45:53+11:00

$140 per 10 week term 

Active kids vouchers are accepted.

➡️ CLICK HERE for more information and to apply for yours 

➡️ ENQUIRE HERE for casual development and trial classes. These can be purchased for $15 subject to class availability 

I have a question2023-12-04T08:47:07+11:00

If you have any further queries feel free to email Joanne Trevethan via participation@sutherlandbasketball.net.au

Session Times & Locations2024-01-15T16:39:45+11:00

What do I bring?2023-12-04T08:46:42+11:00
  • Basketball (name clearly marked)
  • Drink Bottle (name clearly marked)
  • Comfortable training clothes eg: shirt or basketball singlet, shorts and joggers

Sharks basketballs and singlets are available for purchase at the stadium. Basketballs are also available to borrow during the session if required. 

Sign up to Future Sharks2023-12-04T08:48:40+11:00

➡️ CLICK HERE to sign up for Future Sharks

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