Junior SUMMER competitions are played on the following days during school terms

MONDAY U16 BOYS Division 1-4
TUESDAY U18 BOYS Divisions 1-4
WEDNESDAY U12 -U18 GIRLS All Divisions
THURSDAY U12 BOYS Divisions 1-2
THURSDAY U14 BOYS Divisions 1-4
SATURDAY MINIBALL & U13 MIXED             Division 3

SDBA Miniball competition for ages U9-U11s will cost $110.00 per player per term, plus a one off $20.00 registration fee for new players 

Junior competitions are age governed.  Ages are based on the year of birth not the age a child turns during a competition. As the summer competition is played in 2023 it is the age you turn in 2023 that determines the age group you play in 

  • Born in 2013 and 2014 – Under 12
  • Born in 2012 and 2012 – Under 13 (mixed comp)      
  • Born in 2011 and 2012 – Under 14
  • Born in 2009 and 2010 – Under 16       
  • Born in 2007 and 2008 – Under 18  

The Competition:

  • The SUMMER Competition runs over term 4, 2023  &  term 1, 2024

Game times:

  • Games  are usually played  between the following time slots 4.15pm, 5.05pm, 5.55pm , 6.45pm & possibly 7.40 pm.
  • Game times will vary from competition to competition depending on the number of teams in each.
  • You should expect that you will play at a different time each week   
  • Mini Ball and U13 Mixed are played on a Saturday from 1030am

Registration Fees 

  • Registration is for 12 months and covers membership and insurance costs
  • $135 for 12 to 17 years
  • $90 for 10 to 11 years 
  • $20 for 6-9 years
  • $20 for Mini Ball participants

Club Fees

  • Club team players will be charged a club fee by their respective clubs

Competition Fees

  • Competition are $1450.00 per team plus a $50 nomination fee (payable at time of nomination). Team feeds will be due in week 6 of term and payable through the members portal.
  • Once your child has been placed in a team they are expected to play in that team for the duration of the competition. (20 Weeks)
  • If your child is unable to play due to injury or illness the competition fee will be transferred or refunded on presentation of a doctor’s certificate for games missed.
  • Note: SDBA Miniball competition for ages U9-U11s will cost $110.00 for existing player per term and $130 for new players


  • Competition Fees can be paid on line via the members portal. Registration must be completed online or in person at the SDBA office. The active kids voucher can be used for Registration and Competition fees.

Player Responsibilities:  

  • As basketball is a team sport it is an expectation that you will be committed to your team for the duration of the competition.
  • A player has to have played 66% of competition games in his team to be eligible to play in the final series.

Parent Responsibilities:  

  • Please ensure that registration fees and competition fees are paid on time. Notify the team contact or Association if your child is sick or away on school excursion or family holiday and cannot play a particular game /games.

During competition games each team is required to have a parent take a turn on the score bench. 

SDBA teams only

UniformsYou will need to purchase a playing singlet for $40.00.  You will also need to buy a pair of plain black basketball shorts (no pockets).