We’re excited to announce that we will be hosting our annual Primary School Gala Days once again in Term 3. We invite you to join in on the fun-filled day of basketball, teamwork, and friendly competition. Open to beginners and the more experienced players alike.
If you and your school are eager to participate, make sure to check with your school administration or sports coordinator to ensure they have organised their teams and registered. These Gala Days are a fantastic opportunity for students to get active, learn or improve their skills and enjoy a memorable day on the court.
Mark your calendars with the following important dates:
Year 5/6 Boys: Monday 14th August
Year 5/6 Girls: Monday 7th August
Year 3/4 Boys: Monday 4th September
Year 3/4 Girls: Monday 21st August
We have already sent out registration links to all primary schools in the Shire via email. However, if your school requires a resend of the registration links, kindly request them to email Joanne at We’re here to assist and ensure that every school has the opportunity to participate in this exciting event.
Get ready for a day filled with cheers, teamwork, and awesome memories! You won’t be disappointed.
Registrations close Friday 23rd June 2023. SIGN UP TODAY and let the gala games begin!