Whistles blow, hearts race — the fate of the game often depends on their call. Ever thought about the skills and nerves required to referee a high-energy basketball game? Dive into our SDBA refereeing programs, where we not only teach the rules but also mentor referees in swift judgement and courage. SDBA Referee Manager, Tom Marsh says “referees are trained to handle the intensity and excitement of every match with a cool head and a keen eye. If this sounds like something you would enjoy then join us as we are looking to recruit more referees in 2024!”

The Referee Program currently hosts and supports 110 active and dedicated referees that are an integral part of the success of the club. Tom states that the “Referees Program members are extensively supported by a network of supervisors and referee trainers”. The team ensures a “whole-hearted approach” to their development and enjoyment within the program, with off- court support for all members.” FUN is a priority within the Referee Program, and a “fail-forward” approach allows referees to feel comfortable and protected as they develop their skill set as a referee.

As 2024 unfolds, we’ve proudly welcomed 25 new referees to take on the courts. But this is just the beginning! We’re on a mission to increase our referee count by 50 each year, nurturing a community where everyone continues to grow, learn, and excel. Tom invites people to “join us in shaping the future of basketball. Be part of our dynamic refereeing program and help us double our impact this year!”

The overall goal for the refereeing program in 2024 is to elevate the proficiency of our current officials to foster a thriving and enjoyable environment. The refereeing team are working hard to ensure the Metro Junior League (MJL) Officials are exposed in the Basketball New South Wales (BNSW) Leagues. Tom is excited to announce that they are aiming to have 50% of our officials attend the final series. Tom is also thrilled to announce that “we are seeing participation where deficiency previously existed, which is excellent.”

In addition, Tom and his team are currently promoting an opportunity for those who would like to aspire and achieve in refereeing in our Accelerated Referee Program (ARP). The ARP is aimed at acquiring junior talent and advancing domestic referees into the representative program. The ARP funnels into our Elite Referee Program, “offering a comprehensive pathway to refereeing high level basketball, fruitful opportunities and status generated from hard work.” 

The Referee Programs would like to thank the greater Sutherland Basketball Community for their patience, respect and ongoing support as they continue working towards a quality basketball experience for all to enjoy.

So are you interested in becoming a referee? If so, contact Tom Marsh at referees@sutherlandbasketball.net.au or contact 02 9542 1999.

Written by Lara Sullivan